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If the sounds of ocean waves and the feel of sun on your skin sounds relaxing to you,

then I invite you to join me on the beach as we walk together watching the sunrise. 

I kept this meditation short on purpose, because I know how hard it can be to focus when

you are grieving. I also kept it short so that you can listen to it

at the beginning of your day, before bed, or any time you need a break.


How this meditation will help you:

* improve your focus and concentration

* become more calm

* take a teeny break from your heartache

* feel more connected to your child in heaven

* reduce feelings of anger, guilt, and fear

* cope with loss

* fall asleep faster

* manage the physical symptoms of grief



This download is for any parent who is experiencing the devastation of child loss. 


Guided Meditation for Relaxation after Child Loss

~A FREE download

~A walk at sunrise along a beach

~15 mins of relaxing and releasing


I have to admit that concentrating on anything for long periods of time was not easy for me for a very long time, so I struggled with meditation. But then I discovered guided meditations and all I needed to do was listen. So much easier!

Once I started listening to guided meditations,

I realized that meditation is a very helpful coping mechanism to help

with my feelings of overwhelm and sadness.

Now, I want to share what I've learned with you.


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